Prepare before you leave

Visit for advisories and essential information for Canadians travelling or living overseas

  • About your passport
    Learn more about your passport and its security features.

  • Planning a trip
    Learn more about travel visas and passport validity requirements.

  • Travelling with children
    All individuals, including children and babies, need their own passport to travel outside Canada. Find out about requirements and precautions for travelling with a child.

  • Travelling in North America
    There are different requirements for entry to the United States of America or Mexico, and for return entry to Canada.

  • Persons adopted abroad
    Find out more about adopting abroad, returning to Canada with an adopted child, applying for a passport for an adopted child, and dual citizenship.

  • Lost, stolen, damaged or found passport
    What to do if your passport is lost, stolen or damaged, and how to return a found passport.