The new Canadian temporary passport

This publication is for Canadians abroad.

To meet immediate needs of Canadians, Passport Canada has introduced the temporary passport, a highly secure and internationally respected travel document.


The temporary passport is an eight-page, machine-readable passport issued by a Canadian Mission for urgent, proven travel situations or residency requirements. It is not intended to replace a regular, diplomatic or special passport; it is designed for interim use only. The decision regarding issuance of a temporary passport lies solely with the Government of Canada Passport/Consular officer.

The temporary passport features a white cover, a bio-data page, four visa pages, a digitized image of the bearer and various security features.


The maximum validity of a temporary passport is one year. Validity of a temporary passport may not be extended for any reason. In all instances, the validity of a temporary passport is limited to meet the applicant's submitted travel requirements.

Exchanging the temporary passport for a regular, diplomatic or special passport

The temporary passport must be exchanged. If a temporary passport is issued, the passport holder must sign a temporary passport exchange agreement that outlines his/her rights, privileges and duties.

How to exchange

An exchange may be done in person or by traceable mail. Exchange location specification must be made at the time of temporary passport issuance and will be written in the temporary passport exchange agreement. The specified exchange location cannot be changed for any reason. A third party, with supporting identification and written authorization, may make the exchange.

The exchange of passports may be made:

  • In person or by mail at the mission where the application for the regular, diplomatic or special passport was submitted;
  • In person or by mail at the full-service Canadian mission closest to the applicant's residence;
  • In person at a passport-issuing authority in Canada. An additional CAN$10 fee applies; or
  • By mail in Canada.

Regular, diplomatic or special passports must be picked up at or mailed out from the pre-specified location within sixty calendar days of signing the temporary passport agreement. Unclaimed passports will be returned to Passport Canada Security Bureau for safekeeping.

For questions related to your temporary passport, please contact the closest Government of Canada office.